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We know selling your home can be a stressful and sometimes painful experience. At Naples Home Sale, we pride ourselves on making the sales process quick and hassle free.  Whether you are ready to sell immediately or need some guidance, the team at Naples Home Sale is here to help.


We specialize in selling: Luxury Waterfront Homes, Luxury Condos & Apartments, Homes In High-End Gated Communities, Luxury Homes On The Golf Course & More.


 After millions of dollars is transactions, we rely on our expertise, data, and a proven marketing system to help you expose your property to the right buyers. We know how to get your property in front of the right audience, generate immediate interest, and sell your home quickly for the best market value. 

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You must take into account the prevailing state of the real estate market and especially local market conditions. The real estate market continually changes, and market fluctuations affect property values. So it is critical to determine your listing price based on the most recent comparable sales in your neighborhood.

It would be a good idea to get a Home Value Request, or CMA, also known as Comparable Market Analysis.


It is important to do your research before deciding to work with any REALTOR or firm. Be sure to ask the right questions. Need help with that? Let us know.

An Exclusive Agency listing allows your agent to market your home and enter it into the MLS. The agent will receive a commission if your home sells through any real estate company or by another agent. He will NOT receive a commission if you, the seller, find a buyer on your own. Because a commission is not guaranteed, your agent may not be highly motivated to market your property. Thus, this type of listing is not common and should be avoided.


A report made by a qualified person setting forth an opinion or estimate of value. The term also refers to the process by which this estimate is obtained.

In conventional mortgages and in the HUD-FHA Direct Endorsement Program, the lender receives a copy of the complete report, showing the basis for the appraiser’s estimate.

In VA cases and in HUD applications processed by HUD, the lender receives only a statement of the estimate of value, without any detailed supporting data.

A real estate agent is more than just a sales person.  A real estate agent may act on your behalf, providing you with advice and guidance when buying or selling a home. Due to the constant changing of the market, the information available on listings is not always 100% accurate.  There are times when you need the most current information about what has sold or is for sale, and the only way to get that is with a real estate agent.

You don’t need to use a commissioned real estate agent to sell your home, but you may want to consider the benefits of having a real estate agent versus not using a real estate agent.

In addition, many people would rather use an Agent due to the complexities of modern Real Estate transactions since they usually incorporate legal and financial attributes, which takes them well beyond more simple transactions, such as the sale of an automobile.

There are several advantages when using a real estate agent to sell your home, such as – your listing will be added to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so that large numbers of buyers will have access to the seller’s property. In addition, your real estate agent absorbs all of the cost of advertising and marketing, and the screening that will be done of potential buyers by Agents. The Agent will also handle the details of negotiation.

Deciding whether to use an Agent or not depends on if you feel fully confident that you can handle all of the details, then you may well want to attempt selling your house on your own. If not, you most likely will want to use a real estate agent and leave the details to them.

Before you embark on your home sale journey, it is important to team up with an experienced REALTOR. You may also want to consider things like curb appeal, personalize your space, touch up scuffs and marks, repaint walls to neutral tones and more. Need more help? Contact us today.

Because the buyer orders one or more home inspections doesn’t obligate the seller to make repairs or modifications as a result of those inspections. Typically, however, inspection reports are used to negotiate repairs of major problems, or environmental or safety hazards that may be noted. The purchase contract should provide guidance for these negotiations.

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